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FREE Initial Consultation

Email me to discuss your needs, then I can chat on the phone or meet you in person, if you prefer, for a free 30 to 60 minute consultation to discuss further. After we have met I can typically have your website up and running within 4 – 6 weeks.

What’s Included

WordPress website built with Divi Theme (the theme is worth $249!). My design includes web design best practices and elements required for SEO and conversion tactics. I am passionate about the user experience and conversion optimization so visitors to your website take the action you want them to take (call you, fill out a form, buy something, what ever you want). Psychology, color theory and persuasion tactics will be included.

Time Frame

Work will commence when I have received a signed contract, deposit and assets, typically, I will complete your website within 4 to 6 weeks from the start date.
If you continually delay the project by not providing assets or feed-back to my design, within the 4 week time frame, I reserve the right to move on to other clients, and come back to finish your project at a later date.


Compare my rates to others, many of them will charge you extra for many of the services I include in my prices. Plus be sure to check that they are really an expert in online marketing (SEO/CRO) and not just using buzzwords. See prices for website design.


Should you wish to proceed with my services, you will be required to sign a contract and give me 50% deposit before I commence work. Final payment is due upon completion – you will need to pay the balance before the website goes live. You own the website 100% after final payment is made.

PayPal is the preferred method of payment – that way you can pay by credit card if you wish, I also accept cash, Zelle, Venmo or checks.Note: Your deposit is non-refundable if I commence work. The fee I charge is for research time, labor and expertise and is not just based on the finished product.

What I Need From You To Get Started

    • a domain name and a hosting account –  SiteGround is the best in my opinion, it’s the most reliable, your site will load quickly and they have amazing chat support. they have cheap rates and fast servers. Google penalizes site that are slow!
      • Use this link to sign up https://www.siteground.com/go/iaintyourmomma. (Disclosure: I will be paid a small commission if you click on this link, I decided to join their affiliate program and get paid for referring people to them, because I recommend them to all my clients, I should get paid for it, right!?!)
      • You need an easy to remember and spell Domain Name and WordPress hosting account. Never use passwords like: password, admin, pass, 1234, or anything out of the dictionary, etc. Use a different username and password for your hosting account, database account than your cPanel account. You need to routinely backup all the content on your website. Keeping regular backups will ensure you always have the latest clean copy of your website. So sign-up for a backup option too when you sign-up for hosting.
    • a list of all your logins and links to all your social media and hosting account.
    • all your assets (images, copy, logo etc.) at the time you sign the contract. Not giving me all the assets will delay the project.
      •  professional images, you web site will only look as good as your images. You should buy stock images, if you feel your pictures are not up to par.
      • written copy for each page. Write at least 300 words – I will tweak it for SEO
      • Note: If you want me to source images and write your copy there will be an extra charge and the site will take a little longer to develop.
    • signed contract and 50% deposit


Email Me To Request a FREE quote:

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Your WordPress Website is Built with the DIVI Theme

I will create your WordPress website using the DIVI back end builder, DIVI is a theme builder from the very well supported Elegant Themes that allows me to customize your layout and functionality to suit your various needs, and to give you a site that looks and functions great in all devices, from desktops to smart phones. DIVI is a versatile, multi-purpose theme capable of so much more than an out-of-the-box theme.

Be wary of buying a pre-made theme and trying to DIY your website. Why?

  • because you are locked into the layout, design
  • may run it to the possibility that a popular theme may be over-used in your niche.
  • theme may not stand the test of time. It needs to be future-proof. The developer should provide frequent updates or you may not be able to update the WordPress version and plugins because an outdated theme may be incompatible and crash the site if you try to update it.
  • Outdated sites are  very vulnerable to hackers and security issues
  • your site will quickly become outdated in how it looks and functions
  • never choose a pre-made theme on how it looks, because it may not function well, or a theme that has all the bells and whistles you want may not look that great.
  • Any professional WordPress theme should come with full documentation including detailed videos and the like. Be very wary of themes that do not have a user manual.

Marketing Tactics Included

I not only create beautiful websites for small local businesses. Please understand the value I bring to you to help your business grow. You need to trust that I am an expert and anything I suggest to you has proven results.

I have 10 years experience managing the SEO and social media for a major brand so your site will be expertly optimized for search engines which will generate new customers and leads to your online (and brick and mortar) business from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

A great website isn’t just about the design, You can have a designer create a site that looks pretty and professional but it will only impress your existing clients. You need to hire an online marketing expert (me!).

An expert will get you new clients that are not familiar with your business. I’ll include SEO tactics so that your business gets found when someone searches in Google for your service or the product that you sell. I also optimize for conversion so those new visitor actually do something when they come to your site, so that your get orders and more business.

If you already have a website and you’re not receiving any traffic, I can do an SEO site audit and make recommendations of fixes you need to make.

All Work is Done in the USA

I live in Santa Monica, California,  and never outsource my work to off-shore developers. I prefer to work with local businesses in the Los Angeles areaMy mission is to help as many people start, build, and run successful businesses online, while having a ton of fun in the process.

Website Maintenance is Not Included

After site has gone live, any future content, security, theme, plugin or wordpress updates are an extra charge. Please click link to see pricing packages if you want me to maintain your site or hire me to do online marketing for you.

You are responsible for keeping your site up to date to prevent security issues.I will install security on your website and include a back up plugin. You should regularly schedule preventative security audits. Although you may not have been a victim of an attack yet, having regular security audits will help prevent such attacks from successfully occurring. I suggest you sign up for SECURI so they can monitor your site for security issues and if you site does get a virus or hacked they can help you clean it up quickly without any loss of business.

I do not clean it up for you. You own your website and you are responsible for it. You can also call your hosting company to help you clean up your site, they usually store backups for you and in most cases can do a database restore to a time when the site was working OK, but you will lose any changes you made to the site since the date they will restore your site to. Typically, if they can help, they might charge you $150 – $200 to clean-up.

You are responsible for maintaining your website, you will need to upgrade and add future content and blog posts. Many of my clients have an intern or hire someone to do this for them. I can give you a quick demo on how to update the site yourself so you can write blog posts and make simple updates to your site. But it is your responsibility to maintain the website. If you want me to make changes for you we can discuss paying me a monthly retainer fee or pay on an as-needed basis.

Web Hosting

Email Me To Request a FREE quote:

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Web Design in Wordpress
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Web Design in Wordpress
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