Tips on Writing Website Content

March 9, 2019

How To Write Content for the web? Neil Patel is my go-to guru for anything online marketing related. There are lots of tips for you to use when writing the content on your website. Checkout Neil’s website for lots of amazing tips to increase your web traffic and online presence.  If you are overwhelmed or frustrated I can write it content for you!

Content is KING!
Visitors decide in 3 SECONDS whether or not they are going to stick around or bounce out of your site. Get your message across quickly! In 2019 people have the attention span of a GOLDFISH! Write content that keeps them engaged!

I don’t know what to write!
Write for the visitor ALWAYS! SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM! How do you make their life easier or better?
ADD VALUE! Do not write for the sake of it, give clear useful information, give takeways, tips, how tos, freebie, convince them on how and why you are the best thing for them.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!
No complicated jargon, write so a 13 year old can understand.

How to Write Good Content
Be authentic
TRUST: Let them know you are an expert, display testimonials, badges, awards etc.

LIVEN IT UP: Add images, videos, and quotes that are relevant to what you do.

Let your personality shine, be real and relatable, while remaining professional and remember, its always about THEM and what you can do for THEM!

Still Overwhelmed or frustrated?

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