I design, build, and maintain WordPress websites. I’m an expert search engine optimizer and online marketer.

Gorgeous websites that are optimized for users, mobile devices, search engines and for conversion, so you get traffic to your website and store. I can make you an online store, a subscription service, online booking site, an artist portfolio or a basic website.

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ON-SITE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) INCLUDED. You can be assured that your site will be expertly optimized for search engines (SEO) which will generate traffic to your online (and brick and mortar business, if you have one) from Google, Yahoo and Bing.


GORGEOUS, BRANDED & RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN. I will create your website to showcase your brand, be customer friendly and to look and function great in all devices, from desktops to smart phones.

Get visitors to BUY, CALL, MAKE A RESERVATION, SIGN-UP,  or whatever it is you want them to do

CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION (CRO) INCLUDED: Your website will also be optimized for conversion (CRO) which includes psychology, color and persuasion tactics to persuade visitors to do something on your website – buy, call, make an appointment or reservation, sign-up, fill out a form, download, etc.

Are you embarrassed of your out-dated or DIY website? I can fix it!

Are you afraid to tell clients that you don’t have a website in 2017? Let me build you one!

Websites show off your skills, service, products and grow your online business!

Websites work 24/7, let it work for you while you are sleeping.

Michelle Farrell | Freelance web designer and SEO consultant

I Ain’t Your Momma

I have been making websites for over 20 years. Until very recently, I was the in-house SEO Program Manager for a national brand e-commerce website with millions of visitors per month, I held that position for over 10 years. I also managed the brand’s social media program for two years.

My skill set as a digital marketing expert is in high demand.  My mission is to help local Santa Monica and Los Angeles businesses become successful while also building my own personal brand and freelance business.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle for 3 years while she has served as the in house SEO for Teleflora. Michelle is an extremely committed employee and in my experience she always makes sure to explore all options available to maximize revenue from eCommerce. I have worked with many high profile national brands and I can honestly say Michelle has the most SEO expertise and knowledge of any in-house SEO that I have partnered with. Michelle is easy to work with and is really passionate about SEO and digital marketing in general. The vast amount of marketing and digital experience Michelle has acquired in her career is invaluable and any company would be lucky to have Michelle on their team.

Troy Shultz

Account Director , Volume Nine - SEO Agency - Denver, Colorado

My design, SEO, and conversion skill-set is highly sought after, so please don’t delay in contacting me.

I Ain't Your Momma 1544 Princeton St. Unit A. Santa Monica, CA 90404

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

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I Ain't Your Momma,
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Wed design in WordPress that includes SEO and conversion tactics.

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