GoDaddy Sucks! So Does Bluehost!

January 28, 2017

GoDaddy Sucks! So Does Bluehost!

I am moving all my clients off of GoDaddy and BlueHost.

–  because their servers are too slow and they have downtime and charge a fortune to make site HTTPS/SECURE. GoDaddy service is awful and they are in financial trouble.

– Google penalizes slow sites in their rankings which means less website visitors for you

– Google is now penalizing non-secure sites in rankings

–  Google will add NON_SECURE next to their search results and in the website address in the browser bar.  Currently they just put  “i” in your browser  next to your website address, soon it will say NON-SECURE WEBSITE – which will scare people off

– SIte should look like mine – SECURE and  https 

unsecure website

Secure website with SSL certificate

I Recommend that you Switch to SiteGround for your Web Hosting.

Full disclosure: I joined their affiliate program, because I refer everyone to them, so I decided it was a sensible idea for me to get paid for my referrals 

<a href="" onClick="this.href=''" ><img src="" alt="Web Hosting" width="250" height="250" border="0"></a>

When you go to SiteGround sign up for WordPress Services and the STARTUP PLAN which is $3.95 per month for hosting, it includes SSL so your site is encrypted and will be https. Please also pay the extra $12 per year for their security plan.  Total charge will be about $60 for the year. 

When you sign up the the account you can add your existing domain name.Nothing will happen to your Godaddy or BlueHost site, it’ll still be live.

I will have SiteGround transfer your site over (FREE!) and then I wilI login to your GoDADDY/BlueHost and change the server pathway and add some plugins on your WordPress site to make sure everything is working OK!  You will love the security and the SPEED!

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