26 Must Have Features On A Business Website in 2020

There are certain features that every business website should have:

  1. Add call to action buttons and links – NEVER say “click here” or “learn more”. Clicking isn’t exciting. And no one wants to learn more. It sounds like you’re selling an online practice course to an AP calculus exam. Use powerful converting words – BUY NOW, JOIN US, substitute boring words like “submit” and “enter” for more action packed words like “get,” “reserve,” and “try”.
  2. Buttons should stand out and be easy to recognize as call to action buttons  Pay attention to the color of your buttons too – generally speaking, green and orange buttons are reported to perform best.
    Buy now button
  • needs quality content,
  • social media buttons,
  • an online chat feature,
  • contact form
  • contact information,
  • privacy policy
  • a blog
  • videos
  • lots of images
  • Know your budget.
  • Know the goal of your website. What goals do you want your website to accomplish?
  • Get more customers through the door of your brick and mortar store and/or online business.
  • Let customers immediately see how you are different from competition.
  • Get more orders, more sales, more tables filled.
  • Get more inquiries and more referrals.
  • If a visitor does not buy, capture their email contact information, so that you could market to them again.
  • Get a Domain name mybusiness.com at Google Domains and sign up for a hosting account at  SiteGround. You domain name should be easy to remember and spell.  Do not include dashes in your domain name.
  • How do you want your site to look? You want professional, beautifully branded website, but if you have too many distractions, the visitor will bounce fast.
  • Do you have quality content written for each webpage? Will you supply the copy or do you want me to write it?
  • Do you have professional quality photography that represents your business, logo and other graphics?
  • Do you have videos on YouTube?
  • Do you have all of your business listings set up?
  • Are you on Social Media?
  • Do you have good reviews on Yelp and Google? Earning the trust of a prospect takes more than your promise. Prospects want to hear from your customers, your success stories and your history. Not your empty promises. Ask your best customers to write a review.

BONUS: add a calculator tool (like a savings/loan/mortgage calculator) or freebie for download if people sign up for your emails, or a free email generator or other cool tool! Checkout UCalc and Calconic

Source: 99MediaLab.com.

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