Content: 60 Video Content Creation Ideas to Grow Your YouTube Channel & Brand

Are you aware that you should be creating video content but don’t know where to start?

Here are some great video creation ideas for your business…


  1. First impression, welcome video
  2. Company announcement video
  3. Thank you video
  4. Answering FAQ and comments with a customer or client
  5. Myth-busting video
  6. Rant video
  7. Customer/client testimonial video or product review
  8. Product demonstration video
  9. Product comparison video – This vs That (don’t be overly negative), Cheap Product vs Expensive Product
  10. Screencast video – demonstrate how to use your product, software, app  using a screen capture tool like Loom or Vimeo Screen Recorder
  11. Upload a user-submitted product video
  12. Tips & Tricks
  13. For Beginners
  14. Simple basic tutorial
  15. How-To series
  16. Advanced how-to video
  17. Whiteboard video
  18. How to get started ___
  19. Top Mistakes You Made When Starting ___
  20. 10-second feature demo video (if product is multi-functional)

Influencer creating video content for TikTok
2 women being interviewed on camera
woman with video transcript about to go on camera
  1. Value proposition video (highlight benefits of your product and how you differ from competition)
  2. Popular blog post turned into a video
  3. Your Routine (What I do in a day / What I eat in a day / What I spend in a day)
  4. Behind-the-scenes tour video
  5. How-it’s-made video
  6. First time experience
  7. Best Product Under $
  8. Shopping haul
  9. Gift ideas
  10. Unboxing videos
  11. Transformation video (before and after)
  12. Time lapse videos
  13. Reaction video
  14. Draw inspiration from popular videos
  15. Seasonal videos (creepy Halloween or holiday greetings from staff)
  16. Story Time
  17. Challenge video
  18. Written word to video
  19. Team member interview

creating a video on iphone
Podcaster female  on the air
creating a fitness how to demonstration video
  1. Interview with an industry expert
  2. Man-on-the-street video – asking passers-by questions
  3. Interview Clips
  4. Life Hacks
  5. How ___ Did Something
  6. Do’s & Don’ts
  7. News About Trending Topics
  8. What’s In My Bag/Backpack
  9. Live Stream (Q&A)
  10. Live Stream Highlights
  11. Giveaways – announce competitions and giveaways with a video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  12. Offer video
  13. I Did ___ For A Month, This Is What Happened
  14. Top Apps I Use on My Phone
  15. How I Dealt With ___
  16. How to Make Money
  17. Top Ten _____
  18. Top Books
  19. Webinar invitation
  20. Video podcast
  21. Channel trailer


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TIP 2:

Plan Your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube Videos

Plan ahead, get an early start on your promo videos for seasonal items. For instance, do not wait until the week before Thanksgiving to create a video that promotes any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, gift ideas or holiday products.

Major brands plan their content calendar and create their videos and ads at least 6 months in advance of an event/holiday and begin to market/promote at least 6 weeks before the event. Don’t wait until the last minute!

TIP 3:


After you have created your video upload it to your YouTube channel but make sure you give it a good title with keywords in it. Watch this Hubspot video to learn how to title your videos and write a good description so it has a better chance of being found in Google and YouTube when someone searches for the subject of your video.

A Guide on How To Rank Your Videos on YouTube Search


TIP 4:


After you have uploaded your video to YouTube you should embed it on your website to get even more views.
Note: never upload a video directly to your website, instead always upload to Youtube first then embed it on your site so it plays in YouTube. Videos are way too big for a website to handle and you may crash the site or make it extremely slow to load.

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