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Launched April 27, 2020.Universal Church of Baba’s Kitchen – UCBK Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation operating as a church in the state of California since 2007, it is a meditation, charitable, healing, and spiritual center, open to anyone of any faith, path, religion, or none.

CLIENT WANTED: Client wanted to attract new members and for them to purchase live and online events.

PROBLEM: Original site was a DIY HTML website built in 2014, so  it was extremely outdated. New pages had been added throughout the years, which lead to confusing navigation and messaging.

The look and feel of the site was off-putting to potential donors and buyers,as it did not feel trustworthy or look professional. The design had too many colors, busy backgrounds and flashing animated gifs, and white text which was very hard to read and to stay engaged. Read my blog post about color theory to learn more.

I love lots of text content on a site, it is very important, but the old site had too much information, in white text, and no obvious headers calling out the key facts, so visitors could not easily scan the page to figure out what it was about. 

SOLUTION: I built a new professional WordPress website that conveys trust,  and the imagery gives a sense of fun so visitors to the site want to join/buy/donate.

I spent a lot of time organizing the content and the website structure, so that visitors would know within 3 seconds of visiting the site what it was offering,  and would want to discover/learn/do more.

I added a new FAQ page to answer all questions and remove any doubt from the user experience.

I incorporated a colorful blue/green gradient background and accent colors and her colorful images to appeal to the client’s love of color, and to tell the story of the organization.

I left the original website live until my version was approved, then I migrated the site.

Read Alx U.‘s review of I Ain’t Your Momma on Yelp


I’m SO happy that all these recent events have been super-successful… I was just chatting with my guy, and we were both singing the praises of this website and how much it’s enhanced my life, financial world, everything. THANK YOU! You’ve just done and continue to do an outstanding job; has really changed my life and work.

Alx U.

Minister & Healer,

Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena


Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena
Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena
Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena
Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena

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