Ebooks: Powerful way to boost traffic to your website

What’s an ebook?

ECOFRIENDLY: An electronic book (ebook) is a book that can be read on a computer, tablet, mobile phone, and Kindle
CHEAP: They’re simple to create and inexpensive to produce – You don’t need a publisher or a printer!
ENGAGING:Because they aren’t just PDFs or Word docs, you can actually get your reader to interact and take some type of action. Such as encouraging them to click on links, fill out a survey, subscribe to your blog, watch a video or even buy something from you online.
VIRAL: They’re easy to distribute and spread like wildfire. your Ebook should be FREE – as in don’t charge money for it or don’t collect email addresses. Instead add a Creative Commons license to the content so people can share the e-book easily. On your website or blog create a landing page and add a call-to-action download button put a link your email signature (if you don’t have a good looking email signature you can generate one for free at Hubspot, email your ebook to your friends/partners/vendors, post a video on YouTube, tell your fans and followers.

How do I create one?

You can create ebooks in a Word doc and save as a PDF format. If you have one of the latest versions of Microsoft Office you can write your ebook there but Office is expensive and not necessary. Open Office is FREE and has an excellent selection of features. You can convert your .doc file to a .pdf. There are lots of nice formatting features and fonts that you can use to style your ebook. You can also use a paid service such as http://www.blurb.com/ebook to create your ebook.

What should I write about?

Write to educate your customers on a topic relevant to your business.

How can your company benefit from offering an ebook?

Ebooks are written to engage your audience, they are best offered at the beginning of the buyer cycle to create interest. Offering an ebook allows you to gain exposure, credibility, and leads. Potential clients will start to see you as a subject matter expert. The fact that you wrote a book gives you lots of credibility in the eyes of your readers.

Who should write an ebook?

EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE AN EBOOK! Yes, you heard me loud and clear. No matter the industry, you can definitely benefit from an ebook. I am actually working on my ebook right now and will be offering it soon!

White Paper

What is a white paper?

White paper is a sales pitch presented in a report-style deliverable that explains the benefits of the issuing company’s product or service. Like an ebook, white paper is also published online. However, they usually include flashy facts and statistics used to encourage readers to make the sale rather than providing generalized information.

How can you benefit from white paper?

White paper also allows you to gain exposure, credibility, and leads. For the most part, you’re going to have many of the same benefits as writing an ebook. However, white paper can also help close a sale since white paper can be used for various points in the buyer cycle.

Who should write white paper?

White paper is especially useful in business-to-business marketing strategies, especially among technical industries.

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