Technical: SEO Tips to Grow Your Online Business

Why is SEO important?  Take a look at these numbers! 


Will leave a website if it doesn't work or look good in their smart phone


Will not wait more than 3 seconds for your site to load


Trust positive and negative online reviews and are influenced by them


People search in Google before making an online or in-store purchase

You have a website, so what’s next?

Apply these SEO tips from the experts!

I have been a hands-on technical SEO for an ecommerce site for 10 years, with vast experience in SEO strategy, tactics and site migrations.

As an SEO it is crucial to stay on top of the ever-changing technology – with smartphones and apps especially. Look how the augmented reality game PokeMon Go took the world by storm.

People’s behavior is changing, everyone is becoming more tech savvy and they are researching before they buy, people now buy more online and less in a traditional high street store.

Google is ever-changing, they are continually updating how they decide which websites rank in their search pages.

To stay on top of all the changes I read lots of blogs and follow Neil Patel at Quick Sprout and Brian Dean at Backlinko as they have great resources on their sites’.

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