Technical: Awesome SEO Tips for Local Santa Monica Business

Take action! These tips can have a big impact on your local business’ SEO in 2019.

LOCAL SEO to do on your website (aka; onsite SEO)

1. Invest in content – write quality articles and posts on your website and blog

An SEO strategy without strong content is bound to fail in 2016. Google has made content essential to good rankings, you won’t go far without solid, useful content.

It is important to focus on high quality content. Write content for people that is really useful for them, the more people that find it useful, then the more Google will want to show it to other people.


Here are some writing tips to help you get started:

  • The top 10 results in Google have 2,000 or more words. This means that instead of creating short posts on hundreds of topics, you’ll do better by creating long, in-depth posts on a limited number of topics. You should write a minimum of 300 words.
  • Create visual content: People are more likely to share images, videos, GIFs, etc. than plain textual content. There are various sites that offer free images and videos that you can use in your posts and projects.
  • Repurpose content. Once you create an article, repurpose it into infographics, eBooks, presentations, etc. to spread your content as far as possible. There are many DIY tools you can use to create these yourself.




MAKE SURE YOU ADDRESS IS WRITTEN THE EXACT SAME WAY ON EVERY PLACE YOU WRITE IT. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  A major factor in determining how you rank locally is the quantity and quality of citations and NAP consistency (NAP = Name / Address / Phone) across your citations.

What is NAP Consistency?

NAP is an acronym that stands for “Name, Address and Phone Number. NAP Consistency occurs when your organization’s Name, Address, and Phone Number are consistently listed with the same spelling and formatting everywhere online.

Look at these three examples of inconsistency, because each of the following listing varies slightly, all three could be seen as different organizations by search engines.

    1. You put your address on your website as:
      Santa Monica Cup Cakes Inc., 494 E. Pretend Blvd. Suite 600, Santa Monica, CA 90404, 310-771-7400,
    2. Two years ago, you submitted a business listing to an online local directory with this information:
      Santa Monica Cup Cakes Inc, 494 Pretend Blvd., #600 Santa Monica, CA 90404, 310-771-7400,
    3. Six months ago, you verified your business with Google as:Santa Monica Cup Cakes, 494 Pretend Boulevard., Santa Monica, CA 90404, 310-771-7400,





How can you clean up your NAP errors?

Do it yourself or sign up for company to do clean up at MozLocal, Yext, Connectivity.



Invest your time in getting listed in FREE directory companies like Yelp, Google Places, Angie’s List, Localeze, Yellow Pages and more.

People search in these directories for reviews and referrals, Yelp reviews show up in Apple Maps, which is increasingly replacing Google Maps as the default map app for iPhone and iPad IOS users. You MUST be on Yelp! Yelp is growing at an alarming rate with a monthly average of 89 million unique visitors via mobile. AGAIN, YOU MUST BE ON YELP, GOOGLE BUSINESS, BING and YAHOO!

Set up a FREE Google Business Account
Set up a FREE Bing Places Account





Invest your time in getting other websites and bloggers to link to your website

The more high-quality links you have the more traffic you will get from Google. Most local websites hardly have any of these important backlinks. Investing even a tiny bit into building quality backlinks can go a long way towards pushing your site to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.

Build your own Citation and Directory links:

What is a local citation? It is any mention of a local business online, with or without a link. The best citation to have is one with a link back to your site. It can come in various forms:

Company Name, by itself.
Company name & phone number.
Company name, phone number, & address.
Company name, phone number, address, & link.
Even just the phone number by itself can be a local citation.

Local citations can boost your business in Google results. Instead of manually reviewing business information for millions of companies, Google uses data points to determine how you rank in local results. Google scans the web for mentions of your business name, address, phone number, website URL, and several other data points. It then compares that information to other data sources, including the major data providers and possibly even post office records, state business filings, and telephone records.

Your local search rankings are heavily influenced by whether or not Google finds your business information on the web and from their data suppliers, and whether that information is consistent and matches that provided on your Google+ page and website. Don’t confuse them, if you’ve moved, update your address and write is consistently. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR SEO!


Connect with local bloggers: If you’re in a moderately sized city, there will be plenty of local bloggers who’ll be more than happy to link out to a local business. Give them some free products/services in exchange for a link.

Share your expertise via a guest post on their blog.

Reach out to people who’ve linked to your competitors. Find bloggers who have linked to content on your competitors’ websites. Create a better version of this content, then reach out to bloggers for backlinks (aka the ‘Skyscraper Technique’ by Brian Dean).




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