Meditation & Self-Care Website – West LA

Launched February 12, 2021.
Energetics of Self Care – West Los Angeles

REPEAT CLIENT: This is for a repeat client, I also designed her website in 2020.

A new website offering stress and strain relief products in LA. Client supplied the logo and all other images and the text, I tweaked the order and titles for maximum impact. Client is selling three products via Woocommerce on a WordPress website. Accepting payments via Paypal, visitors do not need a Paypal account to checkout.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Available to everyone in need of stress management but especially frontline medical professionals during Covid pandemic.

As this business is in a highly competitive market the client knows not to rely on SEO, as there are many established businesses in the space. She knows high-level medical contacts who will spread the word for her. She also has a very loyal following on her website that she can leverage too.


Alx Uttermann


Screencapture of new webstie built for a medical professional in West Los Angeles

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