SEO and UX Audit on Ecommerce Site

Client: Vivaio Days Eco-friendly products in Santa Monica
Project: I was hired to do an SEO site audit.
Client Goal: To get more traffic to the site and for that traffic to stay on the site and convert to a sale.
Audit Findings: A complete site crawl and audit uncovered problems with Usability Issues (UX), SEO, Content Marketing, unclear site messaging and lack of CTAs and Conversion tactics.

Recommendations: I wrote a 20 page report of recommended fixes and met the clients in person for more than 10 hours to go over my findings and suggest changes to their site content and layout.

Fixes: As their resources allowed the owners made site changes based upon my recommendations. Along with their new web developer they removed large images, confusing messaging and added clear category and page titles and content to the site to help with SEO, easy navigation and conversion. When adding new elements to the site they keep in mind the 3 second rule.


Website visitors to their site (or any site) should know within 3 seconds,

what the site is about, what they sell and what they should do next.

Cost: upon request.

Marios Stamatelopoulos

Business Owner , Vivaio Days

Email Me To Request a FREE quote:

I Ain't Your Momma 1544 Princeton St. Unit A. Santa Monica, CA 90404


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