Psychic Entertainer Website Build

Client: Annie Shaw Psychic in Santa Monica
Design: Website build for a psychic entertainer who wanted to be found in Google. She had no digital presence and had a few people tell her she was impossible to find online.
Cost: on request

Michelle set me up with a Facebook business page so people could find me while she was building my website. She came to my home and got a feel for what colors and design I like. She took it from there and sourced all the images and wrote all of the text. She is fabulous and she gave me so much business advice! As I psychic and spiritual healer, my intuition told me she would be perfect for me, and I was right (I always am!).

Annie Shaw

Psychic, Annie Shaw Stargazer

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I Ain't Your Momma 1544 Princeton St. Unit A. Santa Monica, CA 90404


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