Life Coach – Santa Monica

Launched July 27, 2023

Growth Beyond 50, Life Coach for Women 50+ in Santa Monica and online


Client offers online life coaching and positive psychology to women over 50

I organized all content I was given and advised of new content I needed such as FAQs. The finished site is easily scanned and understood by web visitors. To help convince visitors to the site to trust and know that the client was an empathetic and expert life coach and want to hire her.

I sourced all the images on the site of happy older women.  I set up the social media profiles and I also created this logo for the client.

Client logo designed by me

Google Review 8/3/23

Michelle was amazing!. She understood what I was going for and was very creative in her approach to her design. Working with her was a pleasure and I would recommend her to anyone.

Toni Berger

New website screenshot of homepage design

I'm available for SEO & WEB DESIGN!

Freelance located in Santa Monica
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