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Launched November 21, 2022.
Margo George Transformational Life Coach – Wiltshire, UK

CLIENT WANTED: New website, she had never had one before so she was starting from scratch. Margo was referred by another of my SEO consulting clients.

I recommended how to buy a domain, and separate hosting at Siteground.

I reorganized all the content provided and added SEO and conversion tactics.

Michelle was amazing. From the beginning, she put my mind at rest. I was struggling to find a way to explain what I do on a website and Michelle absolutely sorted all that out. It’s the combination of her understanding of marketing, SEO and her writing skills. She took my own copy and made it work. That was the huge huge huge plus for me. Her design was excellent, she made what needed to be prominent, jump out. She listened to what I said I wanted and gave me guidance all the way through. I had no idea there was so much involved in building a website and I am in awe of the work that Michelle did behind the scenes. She was quick to respond and kept to every deadline. I feel I may have been a difficult client as I am not technical minded and I don’t understand SEO at all. I cannot fault Michelle. Thank you.
Margo George

Margo George Live Real LTD, Wiltshire, UK

Screen capture of homepage of new website built for Margo George

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