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Launched May 15th, 2022. Well Baby Center – Los Angeles, CA CLIENT WANTED: Old website had been hacked. The site was velnerable to hackers because too many people had worked on the site and installed lots of unnecessary and outdated plugins. I only use five, very reputable plugins on my websites, they are for; security, optimization, cookie policy, Accessiblity for people with low vision,  and backup. The old hosting company was not reputable, the entire site needed to be built from scratch properly, and hosting switched to Siteground, that way the malware files were not copied over. Also previous web people uploaded huge images that slowed down the site. I added SEO and some conversion tactics but due to the nature of the site – mental health – some tactics were not used, and the language was dialed back so it was not too salesy. Disclaimer: I advised the client that the salmon/peach background color with white text was not advisable due to low contrast and accessibility issues. “Welcome to” is not my favorite thing to add in a header on a website.  Why? It takes up too much space, is redundant and old-school. When people scan the site you want them to see important key words first that describe what is being offered.
Five Stars aren’t enough! My organization’s website needed to be rebuilt after we were hacked—and that sentence represents all of my knowledge of websites. Thankfully, Michelle knows everything! She was the perfect professional–patient in taking the time to understand our goals, listen to our needs, and make sure that the end product was exactly right for us. She did an absolutely fantastic job, and made it work within my nonprofit’s budget. She is thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and as a bonus Michelle is a pure delight to work with. Would recommend her most highly for any job!
Donna Rabin

Manager, Well Baby Center, Los Angeles

Screenshot of new website Well Baby Center in Venice California, site had previously been hacked

This is the old hacked homepage.

Hacked site Google warning privacy concerns notice

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