Gym & Pilates Studio Website – Pasadena

Client: Pro Fitness Network in Pasadena. A boutique personal training, Pilates studio and therapeutic massage business.
Design:Site is targeted to attract older, affluent women clients in Pasadena. Colors are modern and fresh with lots of images of male and female gym clients using the equipment and working out. I wanted mature, potential clients to feel represented and be able to envision themselves working out at the gym.
Launched: I originally built the site in 2009 and was hired to redesign it in 2019. New site launched on April 24, 2019.
I originally made this Pilates and fitness gym website in 2009!  I did not maintain this website, the owner Carina hired someone to take care of updates, add new features, write blog posts and publish a newsletter, it was in need of an upgrade to 2019 design styles and functionality.

BEFORE REDESIGN: Below is how website looked from 2009 to April 24, 2019.

Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena

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