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NO LONGER IN BUSINESS. Due to the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) cracking down on consumer loans.

Client: Discount Title Loans in Studio City
Design: Website for a title loan finance company in a highly competitive market. Client’s customers are primarily Hispanic so a Spanish Language site translator was added to the site.
Cost: Charges for a website of this size would be in the $2,000+ price range.


Title loans is extremely competitive, especially where we are located in the valley. Michelle did the design and SEO for us which gets us lots of traffic, we would like even more, but we are a small family-owned business and just cannot compete with the large corporations and their big advertising budgets.  That said, we make a great living and the potential customers Michelle brings to the site, she persuades them to call and contact us for a loan.  I highly recommend Michelle!
Alex Meltser

Business Owner , Discount Title Loans


The problem: people are desperate for money, they are looking for same-day cash loans and have nowhere else to turn.They need to feel safe and to trust the business owner.

Solution:  alleviate all stress and gain their trust, give them hope.  Imagery shows happy clients, money, keeping their keys and driving their car. So visitors to the site can picture themselves in that position. Imagery gives customers a positive impressions about the product and the company overall. Orange buttons and forms helps persuade people to  click or call more than any other color.

I recommended a blog, this is a very important feature to have on your website, because Google loves fresh content, this is an opportunity to inform clients about all things financial and attract more customers. The more people click to your site from Google the higher your rankings will be.


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