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Client: Meteor Jewelry Co. in Sherman Oaks
Design: Ecommerce website for an online jewelry store selling vintage-inspired jewelry. Client wanted her Etsy store integrated into a new ecommerce website. Look and feel was to be elegant with lots of pink and black and with modern take on a 1950s vibe.
I made a new secure WordPress website with Woocommerce installed and her Etsy products. I changed the names of the products from the very long and confusing Etsy product name to SEO and user intuitive product names. Ecommerce sites must be HTTPS and have an SSL certificate. I switched their domain name to Siteground.
I added lots of social media elements to create a “tribe” of loyal followers and a strong fan-base that would spread the word via social media and to also capture email address for future targeting.

Oct. 2020 update: Unfortunately, this business website is no longer in operation.

Meteor jewelry ecommerce website setup


ecommerce website selling jewelry

HOST: Site is hosted with SiteGround I use them because their customer service is top rate and they have great rates and fast servers. Google penalizes site that are slow!

(Disclaimer: I will be paid a small commission if you click on this link, I decided to join their affiliate program and get paid for referring people to them, because I recommend them to all my clients, I should get paid for it, right!?!)

Reviews from Website Owner Paula

December, 2016 Review
I will definitely leave you a GREAT review. And a million thank you’s for helping me with my website !! I REALLY appreciate you and what you’ve done for me.

You basically made my dream come true. You are the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time regarding Meteor. because I’ve had some terrible luck with manufacturers and just trying to start this dream I had 5 years ago. ….and having to start new (several times) – the first 2 years were terrible – but I didn’t give up and glad I met you along the way. (Thanks Samira for the intro!!!)

And the best part. I don’t have to pester my boyfriend anymore about making me a website or pay yearly for Shopify (ugh!)

Paula B.

Jewelry Designer & Business Owner , Sherman Oaks, California, Meteor Jewelry Co

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