Documentary Website Design

Launched December 2, 2019.

A DocumenTree is a documentary website that is due for release in 2020.

Client wanted a cinematic look and feel to the site.  The subject of the film is 10-foot tree persona, Lionel Powell, the Treeman, a beloved public figure in Venice Beach, California. The website colors and messaging reflects nature, flow state, activism, volunteering and helping the homeless community. Client wanted website visitors to care about Treeman and his story and to want to help.

I built a new website and left his original website live until my version was approved, then I migrated the site.  Original site was a DIY WordPress site with poor navigation and messaging.

Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena
Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena


Profitness Network Gym in Pasadena
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