Web Design for a Fitness, Personal Trainer Website in Los Angeles

Client: Stephen Cain, Personal Trainer in Los Angeles

Design: I wrote all the copy and optimized the images for this fitness website for a personal trainer. Colors used were black and red to convey strength and power. Lots of beach images to sell the LA outdoor and fitness lifestyle. Lots of images of clients working out hard to show the intensity of the sessions but also included images of happy clients so that the trainer did not appear too intimidating and to convey the sessions would be fun. Lots of calls to action added – click to call, fill out a form, text, sign up for email newsletter.
Cost: Upon request.


Website designed for a personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles

Michelle did a great job! She wrote all the text for me. I love how sharp the images are and how professional my site looks.  I love it!

Watch video to hear Stephen’s shout out for me on the Box N Life Podcast from both Stephen Cain and one of my other clients Tony Jeffries of Box N Burn, Santa Monica, CA.

Stephen Cain

Personal Fitness Trainer, Stephen Cain PT LA

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