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Client: Eden Builders in Woodland Hills
Design: portfolio website for a construction and home remodel company that beautifully showcases their high-end work.
Cost: Charges for a website of this size would be in the $6,000+ price range. Sure, you can hire someone else to make a website that looks good, but if that person is not an expert at SEO and CRO, then you will be wasting your money. Looks aren’t everything. My value is in the vast amount of research, coding, and expertise I bring to the project.

Creating this portfolio web site and blog was very labor intensive:

  • it has a more than 60 pages
  • it has over 400 images – client sent me very large hi-res images from his iPhone – each had to be reduced in width, file size, changed to low-res, cropped, and edited, and enhanced, also renamed and optimized for SEO.
  • All the copy was written by me. I am not a contractor so I spent many hours researching and curating the content, then copywriting
  • Of course, I also added lots of behind-the-scenes code, included SEO and CRO best practice tactics, including extensive keyword research

How could the client have reduced the cost and saved money?

  • Have less pages – 20 or fewer
  • Supply all the written copy (I would tweak and optimize it for SEO)
  • Supply all images in the correct format
  • Buy stock images

Michelle is awesome, I had my own idea of how the site should function, but she wouldn’t let me shoot myself in the foot.  She knows all the tactics to get you found and to get people to hire you.  Just let her do her stuff and you’ll get customers.  Lots of them! She is well worth her weight in gold. I refer her to everyone.

Ron Litman

Contractor & Business Owner , Eden Builders


Typically on every page on the site there should be 300+ words of text. Text is VERY IMPORTANT for search engines – Google needs words to figure out what your site is about – this is one of the most crucial ranking factors. The text on each page needs to be unique and describe what the page is about and include keywords.

Write the copy so it promotes your awesome service or fabulous product. It needs to give information to future clients of what the scope of work was, materials used etc. this helps sell the lifestyle to future clients and helps them envision a kitchen/bathroom for themselves.

Write in an authentic, upfront and honest way. Be sure to explain how you addressed the home owners pain point and how you solved any problems, this is a great way to build trust in your business and help set expectations and to seal the deal for future clients.

The text is also an opportunity to upsell – by including brand names for appliances and materials and recommendations for upgrades, such as marble instead of granite, is an effective sales technique. Always be upselling!!!

For future projects the client is going to take BEFORE and AFTER photos, this will also help visitors to his site envision how great their own remodel will look like.

Photos of smiling happy clients,  if they are not too shy or  have privacy concerns, are an “enjoyment sign” which leaves future customers with positive impressions about the product and the company overall.

The owner did not want his phone number in a prominent position because he was getting too many calls, so the CTA (call to action) on this website is to get visitors to fill out a contact form and also sign-up for their newsletter.

The owner did not want a local phone number on his website – this is a HUGE mistake for SEO reasons, Google will not rank your site without a local number. That is how it verifies you are a real local business.  Also, while I am mentioning local phone number as a ranking factor, be sure to NEVER put a fake address on your website in an effort to try and rank in another location.  Google employs the smartest brains in the world, trying to trick them is futile, they will drop your rankings for trying to deceive them.

I recommended a blog, this is a very important feature to have on your website, because Google loves content, by adding quality, informative, fresh content, it tells Google that you are a relevant website and give good information to your readers, this helps you rank high.

Please note: I NEVER recommend that a website domain name has dashes in it – – but the owner was insistent on having that domain name. Dashes are not recommended for SEO reasons.

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