Chef Website Designer Los Angeles

Client: Big City Cakes & Catering, Los Angeles
Design: Chef and caterer website. Chef Ruwan is from Sri Lanka and did not know how to market his business. In my discovery chat with him I found out that he used to love to throw Bollywood parties and kids parties were he would teach the kids to make and decorate cupcakes and cookies and more. I built the website and prominently included these unique offerings so as to set him apart from his competition, which there is a lot of in Los Angeles.  I also made his logo and found beautiful royalty free images to make his website look professional, as his own photographs taken at many events,  did not do his beautiful cakes and dishes justice. I used orange and colorful Bollywood images to convey his fun and colorful personality and to give the site richness.

Oct. 2020 update: Unfortunately, this business website is no longer in operation.

website made for a chef in los angeles


I was looking for a new website for past few months.I found Michelle through a friend. She came and sat with me for two hours and got all the info she needed. She did a great  beautiful website.Wow! I am absolutely happy with the work she did. She knew  a lot about restaurants,catering and cakes and sweets. She came up with right colors,new ideas. She always make sure to give the best advise for me to promote my  cakes and catering events. I went with two other big web companies before this. None of them came up with the web design like Michelle did. I would highly recommend Michelle for any business who needs a outstanding Web designer.Thanks Michelle for your hard work! You are the BEST.

Chef Ruwan

Personal Chef & Caterer, Big City Cakes & Catering

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