Calming Website Built for Psychiatrist, Torrance, CA

CLIENT: Psychiatrist Elena Kvichko of UniSoul Medical in Torrance.
Launched: October 18, 2017

This is a new site, Dr. Kvichko had never had a website before. To represent the doctor the site need to be a professional online presence while also be non-triggering to her patients – she treats a wide range of disorders.   Doctor requested that the site color scheme be blues and greens and to convey comforting and relaxing feelings and to  include nature and something that represented the wind.

I added a video to the home page of dandelions blowing in the wind to represent wishes and hopes, and styled the site with blue and green colors which are calming.  I wrote the content copy so it is easy to understand and supportive so as not to overwhelm patients. Clear calls to action and navigation makes it easy for patients to find what they are looking for and to call to make an appointment. Click image to view:

Website screenshot of a Torrance psychiatrist website built by I Aint Your Momma

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