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20+ Years Online Experience

For 20 years I worked for corporate America on a brand e-commerce website that had millions of visitors per month.  I was a web producer, blogger, social media, content marketer and SEO manager.

I started this business in 2016, I am a SEO consultant and WordPress web designer. If you are looking to grow your business and are willing to trust my vast experience in online marketing to get you there then we’ll make a great team.  I have all the qualifications to make a professional website that gets found in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Plus I am Google Analytics Certified so I can create lots of great reports for you.

I Can Build You A New Website or Fix Your Current Outdated or Problem Website

I fix websites made by “a friend” – amateurs can do more harm than good! Your “friend” may have made your site for free but had no idea about design, the many marketing tactics that go into play, the best host to use (it is not GoDaddy!) and so many other things that get you traffic and customers.

I fix sites made by professional graphic designers – maybe they made your site look “pretty” or exactly how you asked them to make it look, but design is only one element of a website. You need to hire someone who knows how make a site user friendly, function well, and get traffic. “You don’t know what you don’t know” is very true of many designers and business owners.

It’s worth paying extra to do it right in the first place so that you build a successful business. Don’t just take my word for it, please checkout my 5 star reviews on YelpGoogleFacebook and LinkedIn.


I Will Guide & Inspire You To Grow Your Online Business But, I Ain’t Your Momma!

I work with many small business owners that have very little business knowledge and have no idea how websites and digital marketing work. I love to share my knowledge, I will guide you, I will inspire you and I will help you understand how to market your business, but I cannot hold your hand every step of the way.

As a business owner you have to take charge of your brand, know your business inside and out, and also know who is your target audience. Fail to plan and you can plan to fail!  Together, as a team, we can build a great website and grow your business!

I’m A Brit in LA

I’m English and have lived in the Santa Monica for more than 20 years. Check out Michelle Farrell Linkedin profile to see my resume and reviews from my peers and follow me on Pinterest and Instagram and more!

Friends, family and colleagues tell me that I am the go-to person for all things web and Santa Monica related. Below is my Ambassador of Santa Monica Certificate from So I decided to impart some of my knowledge on this website while also building a freelance business.

Maya Angelou Quote

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

September 18, 2017 – I Ain’t Your Momma was featured in Voyage LA Magazine click image to read the article.


I am Google Analytics Certified until October 2017.

I am currently a candidate for OMCP Certification (Online Marketing Certified Professional). It’s the industry’s premier certification for online marketing professionals who have extensive training, verified experience, and have demonstrated knowledge of online marketing concepts and best practices across multiple digital marketing discipline.

I recently completed a Seth Godin (marketing guru) class on Freelancing, so I can help promote myself and my freelance clients.

I stay current in all aspects of online marketing best practices by following all the industry leaders and by attending conferences SMX West in San Jose, SMX Advanced in Seattle and Conversion Conference in Chicago 2014. Attended 2020 Optimize a Wix SEO event held  in Los Angeles.

Certified in Advanced SEO (2009) – Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO)

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