Portable Energy Backpacks Website Design – Sherman Oaks

Whisper Energy Systems in Sherman Oaks; (WES) is a Southern California company committed to bringing portable electric power solutions to the consumer marketplace. I build this responsive website for them back in 2013, they wanted a basic, low-cost website built quickly.  I don’t maintain this website, even though it’s three years old and needs an update it is still does the job they hired me to do!

Whisper Energy Systems Sherman Oaks

This is the second website Michelle has built for me. She gave me a great deal, because I was a repeat customer and she knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this site as it is a side business for me.

Michael Gould

Business Owner , Whisper Energy Systems (WES)

I Ain't Your Momma 1544 Princeton St. Unit A. Santa Monica, CA 90404


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